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The goal was to provide an easy means for the purchasing manager to see expenditure of their companies. The manager can see the totals for purchases, quantity, number of POs and also see summary breakdowns of expenditure by supplier and the top 10 items purchased. There are slicers to allow the manger to filter information by year, quarter, month and ISO week number.

The report imports the data from the WideWorldImportersDW database, which is stored in a Microsoft SQL Database server. As the data was clean, no ETL work was required on the tables to make the data ready for analysis.

I recently updated the report to take advantage of the new clear all slicers button added to Power BI Desktop in the March 2023 update. This removed the need to use bookmarks within the report. Which makes it easier to update the report.

Microsoft provided the information for the database and you can download it from the following link Release Wide World Importers sample database v1.0 · microsoft/sql-server-samples · GitHub.

Biztics.com created the initial version of the report during a course called Microsoft Power BI: Business Intelligence for Beginners. This course is available from Udemy Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy

I have updated the report to extract the information from SQL Server and changed the colours of the report. I created the report background in PowerPoint. I also added the clear slicers button to make it easier to clear any set slicers.

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