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We live in a data-driven world, and the ability interpret, manage, analyze and communicate with data is more important than ever. In fact 85% of executives believe that being data literate will be as vital in the future as the ability to use a computer is today.

Regardless of your role or job title, data literacy skills can help you work smarter and make better, data-driven decisions. This assessment is designed to help you benchmark your skills, identify strengths and opportunity areas, and discover resources to build confidence and sharpen your skills.

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The Four Components of Data Literacy

This assessment covers the four key components of data literacy, including the ability to interpret, manage, analyze and communicate with data.

Keep in mind that benchmarks vary significantly based on your role, and that there's no single universal standard for data proficiency.

Interpreting Data
Interpreting DataAbility to comprehend and make sense of data presented to you in the form of tables, charts, or metrics
Managing Data
Managing DataAbility to work with raw data to store, clean, transform and prepare it for exploration and analysis
Analyzing Data
Analyzing DataAbility to use analytical tools and techniques to identify patterns and insights in the data
Communicating with Data
Communicating with DataAbility to use visualization and storytelling to create clear, data-driven narratives to help influence decisions
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