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Our Team

We're On A Mission

At Maven Analytics, we empower people to change the world with data. And that’s not just a feel-good quote from the employee handbook; it’s the core mission that drives everything we do, and how we do it.


  • Chris

    Chris Dutton

    Founder & CPO

  • Jason

    Jason Russo

    Partner & CEO

  • John@2x

    John Pauler

    Partner & CGO

  • Aaron@2x

    Aaron Parry

    Partner & CCO

  • Matt@2x

    Matt Bailey

    VP, Product & Design

  • Chelsea Tiner

    Chelsea Tiner

    Director of Demand Generation

  • Enrique@2x

    Enrique Ruiz Tapia

    Sr. Learning Experience Designer

  • Stacy Giroux

    Stacy Giroux

    Bootcamp Lead

  • Chris Bruehl

    Chris Bruehl

    Lead Python Instructor

  • Dakota Brown Headshot

    Dakota Brown

    Sr. Content Marketing Specialist

  • Branislav Poljasevic

    Branislav Poljasevic

    Sr. Learning Guide

  • max@2x

    Max Baun

    Lead Web Developer

  • Corinne Thompson

    Corinne Thompson

    Video Producer & Social Media Marketer

  • Kevin Wolf Headshot

    Kevin Wolf

    Full Stack Developer

  • Santiago Gallo Headshot

    Santiago Gallo

    Account Executive

  • Lauren Rosenthal

    Lauren Rosenthal

    Account Exec & Data Analyst

  • Alice Zhao

    Alice Zhao

    Data Science Instructor

  • Dustin Cabral

    Dustin Cabral

    Lead Tableau Instructor

  • Josh MacCarty

    Josh MacCarty

    Lead ML Instructor

  • Leila@2x

    Leila Gharani

    Lead VBA Instructor

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