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Explore and download sample datasets hand-picked by Maven instructors. Practice applying your data analysis and visualization skills to real-world data, from flight delays and movie ratings to shark attacks and UFO sightings.

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Mock train ticket data for National Rail in the UK, from Jan to Apr 2024.

File TypesCSV
TagsBusinessTransportationTime Series
Data StructureSingle table
# Of Records31,653
# Of Fields18
Date Added05/15/2024

B2B sales pipeline data from a fictitious company that sells computer hardware.

File TypesCSV
TagsBusinessTime Series
Data StructureMultiple tables
# Of Records8,800
# Of Fields18
Date Added04/03/2024

Transactional data for a fictitious global electronics retailer.

File TypesCSV
TagsRetailTime SeriesGeospatial
Data StructureMultiple tables
# Of Records62,884
# Of Fields37
Date Added04/01/2024

Economic development data from the World Bank and the United Nations.

File TypesExcel
TagsGovernmentTime SeriesGeospatial
Data StructureMultiple tables
# Of Records12,657
# Of Fields58
Date Added03/18/2024

Scraped data on athletes and scores from the 2019 CrossFit Games.

File TypesCSV
Data StructureMultiple tables
# Of Records4,213
# Of Fields31
Date Added03/06/2024
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