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The intention of this report is to provide you with maternity and paternity leave policy information from a global survey conducted. You will see which companies will provide you with excellent support for maternity and paternity leave during the challenging time of a gaining an addition to your family. I've kept the report simple. There is only one slicer to help filter the report by industry. You can select one or many industries to refine the list of companies for the industries you are interested in.

Preparation Process

There were several steps involved preparing the information using the Power BI query editor. I list the steps here:

  • Downloaded and then imported the csv file from the Maven Analytics data playground into Power BI.
  • Removed unused columns from the table.
  • Replaced "N/A" values with null values for the leave columns.
  • Split the duplicated industry column into industry and sub industry columns to help with analysis
  • Removed the industry column.
  • Removed the original industry column as it is no longer needed.
  • Added new total maternity and total paternity leave columns to support visualization.
  • Replaced N"/A" values in the industry column with "Not specified" to support visualization.
  • Changed data types in the table to suitable data types for analysis.
  • Created top 5 tables to support visualization.

The report is a simple report and we can see the information at a glance. I have created only one slicer to filter the industry. I decided not to provide a slicer for the sub industry.

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