Maven Family Leave Challenge - Business article

Maven Family Leave Challenge - Business article

Power BI

About this project

The task was to design a compelling visual to accompany an online business journal article about parental leave policies across the business world.

Before starting the task, I decided to answer a few questions.

Who are the readers of business magazines? Business owners, investors and top-managers.

What do they want to get from business magazines? Practical tips for business management, financial and economic information that will help in the development of their business.

I then envisioned what my ideal business magazine would look like and decided to name it "Maven Businessweek." And what would a business magazine be without its own slogan? Therefore, I have decided to use "Where Knowledge Means Business" as the slogan for my magazine, "Maven Businessweek.":)

Then i asked a question what the article would look like which would satisfy business people?

During the data processing, I came to the realization that these data are insufficient to uncover a business problem.

So I collected additional data using resources such as:

  • https://workforce.com
  • https://www.beckershospitalreview.com
  • https://www.bls.gov/

In the process of gathering information, I came across a very interesting article: https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/hospitals-average-100-percent-staff-turnover-every-5-years-heres-what-that-costs.html And based on it, I decided to write my own article.

I made a decision to focus solely on the topic of paid maternity leave and industries predominantly occupied by women, as the article was planned to be a part of Women's History Month.

So let me introduce Maven Businessweek magazine - Investing in Maternity Leave: How Paid Time Off Can Help Your Business Keep Talent.

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