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For this project, I analyzed bike sales data to gather the profile if customers who buy bikes.

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The dataset gives information on customer demographics such as gender, marital status, education, occupation, region, age, etc. Most importantly it shows whether they purchased a bike or not. This information useful to business owners who wish to increase their bike sales since it helps them understand the type of customer that purchases a bike. This can give them insight on who to market to.


  • Customers with a shorter commute distance tend to buy the most bikes. Customers with longer commute distances buy the least bikes.
  • Middle aged (30-54) customers buy the most bikes
  • Single customers buy bikes more than those that are married
  • Customers in North America buy the most bikes
  • Customers with a Bachelors degree buy the most bikes
  • Customer who work in professional roles tend to purchase bikes the most

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