Pizza Restaurant Operational Review [Finalist]

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Pizza Restaurant Operational Review [Finalist]

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About this project


This project required the analysis of one years worth of transactional data for in-hour dining at a pizza restaurant in New York. The main objective was to find operational opportunities to increase efficiency and drive more sales.

There was a general interest in busiest periods, peak sales, best/worst selling pizzas, order values and seating utilisation.


The overall concept was to provide a clean, direct report with actionable recommendations. This was in consideration of the end user, a restaurant owner, who may have limited interested in detailed analysis or complex visuals, but would rather "cut to the chase".

Therefore, it was quite purposeful in laying out some high level summary numbers, along with an indication of the recommendations to be made.

Structured Sections

I split the report into three sections, focussing on seating utilisation, peak timing, and inventory usage.

In each section, I created a header to highlight the recommended action that could be taken to improve operations. Below this, I then used the technique of providing an introductory summary for each visual, then used the visual to reinforce the message, to create a balance between text and visual mediums.

Innovative Analysis

There were a number of analytical techniques used in calculating ingredient usage and seating capacity, and I have created a separate tutorial in creating this on my Youtube channel.

Full Walkthrough

I am in the process of creating a full walkthrough for this report, so watch this space!

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Discussion and feedback(6 comments)
Elobike Nwosa
Elobike Nwosa
over 1 year ago
Brilliant! I believe you owe us a walk-through of this project (re:Polls ) except I missed it. How do come up with these wonderful designs for your dashboard?

mahima sharma
mahima sharma
about 1 year ago
Just wow....amazing dashboard......Although I like all your dashboards but this one is my favourite .

Royce Mekolle
Royce Mekolle
9 months ago
This is my reference Data Analysis/Visualisation project. This is how most dashboards should be. Thanks for creating this Gerard.
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