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Great American Taste Test Infographic

Great American Taste Test Infographic

About this project

This is an infographic showing information about the people who voted for the Great American Taste Test winning coffee. I created this infographic to answer the questions: Who voted for the winning coffee? and what type of people are they? The report focuses on the winning coffee results. The intent is to create an easy-to-read source of information about the winning coffee and the people who voted for it.

The Process to Create the Report

  • I imported the provided csv file into Power BI. Many lines were blank so I removed them.
  • Then I cleaned the data. There were fields containing True and False for many of the questions that had a text answer. As these columns were unnecessary for the analysis, I removed them.
  • Several of the columns had answers for multiple items separated by a comma. Because of the swapped order of the items, making analysis difficult, I placed each item in a new row. This allowed each item to be accounted for.
  • I then created Dimension tables along with other tables to support the analysis and data model creation.
  • Then I created the data model to create the relationships between the dimension tables and the fact table.
  • I created suitable DAX measures. The bulk of which were to support the text summary narrative in the report.
  • Because The intent of the report was to show the winning coffee and information about the people who voted for it, I did not add slicers or filters to the report.

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