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LegoSaga '70-'22: Building Blocks of Time

LegoSaga '70-'22: Building Blocks of Time

About this project

Project Goal: This Project's goal was to create a dashboard that allows you to explore the Lego set dataset by providing seven buttons to allow you to change the metrics used in the visuals. The metrics you can explore are the number of sets, the average retail price (in US dollars), the number of pieces, the number of mini figures, the number of theme groups, the number of themes, and the number of sub-themes. These metrics are applied across several visuals, where the results returned by a metric on a visual make little sense, then the visual will show the default number of sets metric.

Project Steps:

  • Data Set Imported into Power BI
  • Data Cleaned
  • Dimension Tables created to reduce width of fact table.
  • Conditional Columns added to the fact table to assist with the analysis.
  • Data Model created that linked the dimension tables to the fact table.
  • I decided not to use the image urls that were included in the dataset because of the site protection that prevented Power BI from being able to load the image files, and bulk downloading of images was also not possible.
  • I created DAX Measures to support the analysis.
  • The report comprises one page . Using a button slicer to allow for the selection of different metrics facilitated this. Also, I took a decision not to include set information to keep to the one page report design.

Key Findings:

  • The number of sets released in a year peaked in 2022 with 967 sets release. An increase of 2,318% from the low of 1974 with just 40 sets released.
  • The World Map set has the most pieces with 11,695 pieces, but has a low retail price of $250 US.
  • At $850 the Star Wars themed Millenium Falcon and the AT-AT sets are the most expensive and have 7,541 and 6,785 pieces accordingly.
  • The number of Mini Figures in sets released each year has grown by 3,216% since 1975.

The analysis of the Lego sets dataset shows some interesting trends.

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