UFO sightings around the world report

About this project

This is a dashboard to show information about UFO sightings around the world. The sightings range from 1906 to 2014. The aim of this dashboard was to provide sighting information. Such as where the sightings occurred, what was the shape of the UFO, what times and days were the most popular for a sighting to occur. I imported the data from a csv file and then cleaned the data in Power BI.

The information used was a dataset from Kaggle. UFO Sightings around the world (kaggle.com)

I have used the US State information from Wikipedia.

There was extensive cleaning of the data, particularly in the description column, to get the data suitable for analysis. I placed the description column in its own table and cleaned up the descriptions to allow for the creation of a word cloud visual. I have filtered the report to only show sightings for the US only.

  • The key insights gained from this report are:
  • Which US State has the most sightings.
  • What time of day and what day are the most popular for a UFO sighting.
  • The most common shape for a UFO.

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