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Self-Paced Course

MySQL Data Analysis

Learn how to explore and analyze relational databases with MySQL, complete hands-on assignments, and solve real-world business challenges.

Course Hours5.5 hours
Skills Learned
Data Analysis
Course Level

Course Description

MySQL is a powerful tool for managing and analyzing relational databases, and a skill that every analyst and BI professional should have in the arsenal.

In this course, you'll play the role of a business owner who just acquired Maven Movies, a brick and mortar DVD rental shop. Using only a MySQL database, your job is to learn everything you can about your new business, including inventory, staff, and customer behavior.

We'll start with a quick intro to the SQL language, address some key database fundamentals, and use MySQL to select, filter, sort and group data from individual tables. From there we'll shift into more complex use cases, and blend data across multiple tables with JOIN queries.

If you're looking for a hands-on, practical guide to learning data analysis with MySQL,** this is the course for you.**

Course Outline


  • Analysts or BI professionals looking to quickly retrieve or analyze data stored in relational database systems
  • Excel users looking to shift into a broader BI-focused role
  • Anyone seeking to learn one of the world's most popular database programming languages


  • MySQL Workbench and Community Server (we'll walk you through the install process)
  • Experience with database fundamentals encouraged, but not required

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