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Self-Paced Course

Excel Formulas & Functions

Master 75+ formulas & functions, and learn how to transform basic Excel worksheets into dynamic and powerful analytics tools.

Course Hours8 hours
Skills Learned
Data Prep
Data Analysis
Course Level

Course Description

This course is all about using formulas & functions to transform basic Excel worksheets into dynamic and powerful analytics tools.

We'll cover 75+ core functions, using hands-on demos designed to showcase why they are important and how they can be applied in a variety of ways. This isn't about memorizing syntax; it's about learning how to THINK like Excel.

By the end of the course, you'll have the skills to build interactive models and dashboards, automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, and explore your data using functions like VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, OFFSET, SUMPRODUCT, and more. Whether you're looking to brush up on the basics or develop expert-level formula skills, you've come to the right place.

Course Outline


  • Analysts looking to extract insight from raw data, and develop expert-level formula skills

  • Excel users who want to build interactive models or dashboards (forecasts, financial models, scenario tests, etc)

  • Anyone seeking to improve productivity and work more efficiently with data


  • Microsoft Excel 2007+ (some features may not be available in all versions)

  • Basic familiarity with Excel formulas recommended, but not required

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