Nov 24, 2020


Online Learning

What Is Guided Learning?

4 min read

Nov 24, 2020


Online Learning

What Is Guided Learning?

4 min read

Nov 24, 2020


Online Learning

What Is Guided Learning?

4 min read

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What Is Guided Learning?

There are so many online learning platforms.

What makes Maven so special?

This is a great question. It’s also one we love to answer.

It really all comes down to the unique philosophy and approach we bring to online learning.

We call the approach guided learning, and it shapes everything we do at Maven.

It drives the courses we create, the instructors we hire, the level of coaching we provide, the features we build into the platform, and even the goals we set for our company.

So...what is guided learning?

The guided learning approach is about providing students with the perfect learning plan for their unique goals, along with user-friendly tracking tools and access to live coaching and support from real subject matter experts to accelerate their growth.

Think of Maven as a personal trainer for building your career in data.

When you sign up for Maven's guided learning, you get:

  • A personalized, goal-oriented learning plan

  • 1-on-1 expert coaching & support

  • Progress & performance tracking to keep you motivated

It starts with a personalized, goal-oriented learning plan.

Students come to Maven with different goals and varying levels of experience.

We believe training shouldn't be “one size fits all”, and that tailoring the learning experience to each individual’s unique needs produces substantially better outcomes for students.

That's why when a new student signs up with Maven, the first thing we like to do is get to know them and understand their background and goals.

Discussing current skills, prior experience, and career ambitions helps us tailor a learning plan designed for exactly what the student wants to accomplish.

Armed with a roadmap designed specially for them, students know where to focus.

Removing the guess work allows students to spend all of their time working to develop job-ready skills that will get them where they want to go.

Expert instructors provide 1-on-1 coaching & support.

Maven is fairly unique as an instructor-led business.

We're not some technology platform aiming to be "the biggest in the world".

We are a small group of passionate instructors who love helping students thrive, and we are all very actively involved in making sure they do.

Being instructor-led allows us to provide students with a rare level of access to 1-on-1 coaching and support from top subject matter experts.

The hands-on support students receive comes directly from industry veterans like Chris, Aaron, Enrique and myself, and we view this a critical part of the learning experience.

If a student gets stuck and needs help with course material, we're here on the other end of the chat.

When they land that exciting but scary job interview, we guide them through preparation.

Coaching and mentoring materially improves learning outcomes for our students. It's also really rewarding for the instructors, and one of the things that makes Maven so special.

Whether it's guiding students through a difficult problem, giving resume advice, or helping with interview prep strategy, the opportunity to work directly with students and help make a lasting impact on their careers is the best part of our job.

Progress and performance tracking helps students thrive.

Students have better learning outcomes when they set goals and can feel themselves making progress along the way.

At the student's option, instructors can recommend deadlines for course completion to create accountability and drive motivation. Progress tracking tools help reinforce a sense of accomplishment and build momentum.

Providing real-time feedback on skill development is another way we produce better learning outcomes. As students progress through courses, quizzes test their knowledge and practice the reinforce the skills they are learning.

At the end of each course, students take a final assessment to see how their skills have improved over the benchmark they set at the course outset. Seeing results is huge.

Perhaps most importantly, there's no feedback that compares to actually being able to do the work. This is why we build all of our courses using a hands-on approach, and finish our courses with final projects designed to simulate real world challenges.

Guided learning is a better way to skill up.

At Maven, we're shouting about guided learning from the rooftops, for one reason...

It's working.

We're seeing the outcomes for our students.

They're landing promotions and launching new data careers all the time.

They're mastering valuable skills and applying them to real world business challenges.

We are loving our students' success, and we know it has a lot to do with guided learning being a better way to develop your skills.

Bootcamps are just too expensive.

Budget DIY learning leaves students lost without anywhere to turn for help.

We're able to provide the same learning outcomes and the same career wins as bootcamps, with direct coaching and support from world class instructors, and still keep it affordable.

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