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Skills Assessments


Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a BI rockstar, our graded assessments help you understand exactly how your skills stack up (and where they fall short).

We realize that labels like “beginner” and “expert” mean different things to different people. That’s why each course includes a preliminary assessment to benchmark your skills, along with a graded final assessment to prove how far you’ve come.

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  • Intro to Tableau Desktop

    Learn how to analyze and visualize data with Tableau Desktop, and build real-world projects & dashboards

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop

    Build a full-scale business intelligence solution from scratch, using one of the world’s most powerful BI platforms

  • MySQL Data Analysis

    Explore and analyze relational databases with MySQL, with hands-on assignments and real-world case studies

  • Excel Charts & Graphs

    Design clear and effective charts and graphs, create advanced custom visuals, and master 20+ chart types in Excel

When I started a new job as a Data Visualization Analyst, I thought I had the skills to hit the ground running. However, I quickly realized that I would need to up my game if I was going to be successful.

After completing the Excel and Power BI paths from Maven Analytics, I went from barely being able to keep up to getting callouts from VPs for how great my dashboards look!

- Zack T, New York

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