Mexico Toy Factory Sales

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Mexico Toy Factory  Sales

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This business report summarizes the sales data of Maven Toy stores across Mexico for January 2017 to September 2018. These are the 3 questions that we focused on answering in this analysis.

  1. Which product categories drive the most significant profits? Is this the same across store locations?
  2. Can you find any seasonal trends or patterns in the sales data?
  3. Are sales being lost with out-of-stock products at certain locations?

The analysis was conducted in Tableau to drive meaningful patterns & trends and the results are presented in an interactive dashboard.

Bottom line: Toys is the most profitable category so it should always be in stock, especially in locations like Commercial & Downtown.

Electronics is the second most profitable category but it has been declining with profits below average since April 2018. Arts& Crafts has seen a constant upward trend in profit so Maven should make the most of the growth in arts and craft in the coming years.

We see a decline in sales in February and August, so discounts should be offered to help increase sales and profit. Uno cards are the worst-performing product Maven Toys should discontinue them.

Action Figure & Colorbuds are the 2 top profitable products and we see a loss in their sales due to low inventory levels, Maven Toys should look into it & prioritize.

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